Frequently Asked Questions

What triggered the start of Xootle?
  • When costs, booking fees and taxes rise, it is time to start making new choices.
  • By creating a booking company with low commissions, a new and better situation for the entrepreneur and his customers is created.
  • Lower costs mean that long term priorities can be implemented such as: higher margins, lower prices, staff training, improvement of work environment and a ‘Better World’ project.
What kind of software does Xootle offer?
  • Xootle offers High-end Cloud and Hybrid based SAAS software.
  • The portfolio is: booking systems, Point of Sales, delivery and tracking (in development), ERP, CMS system, Finance system, CRM system, iOT software, Payment Integrations, blockchain integrations, API connections.
Will Xootle replace companies like or Expedia?
  • We don't think so.
  • In fact our advice is to connect with these companies as well.
  • But we also advise the use of our booking sites and our booking engine on your own website.
  • In our opinion this is a safe and professional strategy to generate more profits because booking fees via your website or via the Xootle booking sites are considerably lower.
Available languages?
  • Written and spoken language: English, Dutch, German
  • Written and spoken legal language: Dutch
What is the difference between a 1% or 2% commission?
  • Every accommodation provider receives the Commission Discount Card for free during the first year. This gives you a 1% discount on all your commissions.
  • After the first year, you can extend the Commission Discount Card for €99.00 per year or pay 2% commission.
  • As a rule, it will soon pay off to receive a 1% extra discount on all your commissions for a whole year.